2010-08-21 Vincent PitRename t/80-regressions.t to t/50-external.t
2010-08-19 Vincent PitRemove some dead code in indirect_ck_method
2010-08-19 Vincent PitStore the offset from the source buffer beginning in...
2010-08-19 Vincent PitProperly handle method_named ops
2010-08-16 Vincent PitThis is 0.22 v0.22
2010-08-16 Vincent PitYet more quotelike tests
2010-08-16 Vincent PitMore quotelike environments testing
2010-08-16 Vincent PitGet rid of the linestr check
2010-08-16 Vincent PitTypos
2010-08-16 Vincent PitAllow /^:?fatal$/ to specify the lethal behaviour rt59498
2010-08-16 Vincent PitOnly check methods where the method name is a constant rt60378
2010-05-31 Vincent PitThis is 0.21 v0.21
2010-05-31 Vincent PitFix the thread destructor trick for 5.13.1 rt57699
2010-05-18 Vincent PitRequire perl 5.8.1
2010-05-18 Vincent PitUse a PPCODE: section in CLONE
2010-04-24 Vincent PitMY_CXT_INIT can be a declaration, so put it in a block...
2010-04-24 Vincent PitAdd Tatsuhiko Miyagawa's regression test
2010-04-24 Vincent PitDisable taint mode for t/30-scope.t
2010-04-18 Vincent PitThis is 0.20 v0.20
2010-04-18 Vincent PitRemove an unused variable
2010-04-18 Vincent PitFix test failures with 5.12 on Windows where Strawberry...
2010-04-18 Vincent PitProtect $@ in the regression test for RT #50570
2010-04-18 Vincent PitAdd a regression test for a bug that appeared while...
2010-04-18 Vincent PitAdd a regression test for RT #50570
2010-04-18 Vincent PitIdentify the require scope by the outmost cv outside...
2010-04-15 Vincent Pit{ENTER,LEAVE}_with_name are no longer needed starting...
2010-04-15 Vincent PitBump copyright year
2010-01-03 Vincent PitAdd a link to Matt's blog post
2009-12-29 Vincent PitUpdate ptable.h
2009-12-29 Vincent PitFix for {ENTER,LEAVE}_with_name
2009-10-04 Vincent PitRe-indent WriteMakefile() arguments
2009-10-04 Vincent PitBuild the $name and the main $file from $dist
2009-10-04 Vincent PitPut prerequisites in their own separate hash
2009-10-04 Vincent PitGive an explicit value to dynamic_config
2009-09-30 Vincent PitOnly look up to the first require scope for the require... rt50570
2009-09-26 Vincent PitKwalitee test overhaul
2009-08-28 Vincent PitThis is 0.19 v0.19
2009-08-28 Vincent PitIntroduce I_FORKSAFE
2009-08-28 Vincent PitWe don't need this (wrong) macro wrapper for indirect_t...
2009-08-28 Vincent PitReset the callbacks when the root interpreter is destroyed
2009-08-28 Vincent PitMake some room in t/4*.t
2009-08-28 Vincent Pitc07766a234204d78a80b6d75534e03ae3465b6f3 is a better...
2009-08-28 Vincent PitOnly remap the hint through the pointer table for threa...
2009-08-27 Vincent PitI_THREADSAFE ought to be true when PERL_INDIRECT_PM_DIS...
2009-08-27 Vincent PitUse the hint pointer as the unique identifier for the...
2009-08-27 Vincent PitFix signedness of the pointer<->int conversions
2009-08-27 Vincent PitSvIOK and SvROK imply SvOK
2009-08-23 Vincent PitThis is 0.18 v0.18
2009-08-23 Vincent PitMake sure PERL_INDIRECT_PM_DISABLE is not set before...
2009-08-23 Vincent PitAdd the PERL_INDIRECT_PM_DISABLE environment variable
2009-07-16 Vincent PitThis is 0.17 v0.17
2009-07-15 Vincent PitFreshen t/40-threads.t
2009-07-15 Vincent PitMore freshness for t/21-bad.t
2009-07-15 Vincent PitFreshen t/10-args.t
2009-07-15 Vincent PitDon't use 'Fatal' as a metasyntactic name
2009-07-15 Vincent PitFreshen t/30-scope.t
2009-07-15 Vincent PitReplace an occurrence of SvREFCNT_inc by SvREFCNT_inc_s...
2009-07-15 Vincent PitTurn on CvCLONE for all anonymous subs passed as hooks rt47902
2009-07-15 Vincent PitFix t/80-regressions.t failing on Win32
2009-07-15 Vincent PitDocument and test constant folding
2009-07-14 Vincent PitThis is 0.16 v0.16
2009-07-14 Vincent PitCover ck_scope actually handling an OP_SCOPE
2009-07-14 Vincent PitRemove ck_leave()
2009-07-14 Vincent PitDocument the diagnostics
2009-07-14 Vincent PitThanks Andrew and Florian
2009-07-14 Vincent PitFreshen t/22-bad-mixed.t
2009-07-14 Vincent PitFreshen t/20-good.t
2009-07-14 Vincent PitRename try() to zap() as we'll need try() for something...
2009-07-14 Vincent PitSimplify the warning handler in t/21-bad.t
2009-07-14 Vincent PitDocument that we know handle blocks
2009-07-14 Vincent PitHandle indirect calls on blocks
2009-07-14 Vincent PitMake the default error message public
2009-07-14 Vincent PitOnly enable the pragma during compile time rt47866
2009-07-14 Vincent PitRevamp t/21-bad.t
2009-07-08 Vincent PitThis is 0.15 v0.15
2009-07-08 Vincent PitFix "meth meth" not being correctly reported
2009-07-07 Vincent PitAdd a stress test
2009-07-07 Vincent PitFix line number for multiline indirect constructs
2009-07-07 Vincent PitStore a proper op info instead of hijacking a SV
2009-07-07 Vincent PitFactor the cloning logic in a separate function
2009-06-18 Vincent PitA few POD nits
2009-06-05 Florian RagwitzRemove unused variable.
2009-06-04 Vincent PitThis is 0.14 v0.14
2009-06-04 Vincent PitBe proud about our workarounds
2009-06-04 Vincent PitUse a better metasyntactic name instead of C<sub>
2009-05-29 Vincent PitDon't actually create an entry when storing NULL in...
2009-05-28 Vincent PitFix a small leak of hints objects
2009-05-28 Vincent PitPrevent bogus invalid syntaxes caused by reallocated...
2009-05-24 Vincent PitThis is 0.13 v0.13
2009-05-24 Vincent PitTest the workaround more extensively
2009-05-24 Vincent PitWork around the "pragma propagating into require" bug
2009-05-24 Vincent PitRename 'id' to 'hint' for consistency
2009-05-23 Vincent PitStop leaking the package name passed to the hook
2009-05-23 Vincent PitWe want to test code in ck_entersub(), not hint
2009-05-23 Vincent PitAdd a TODO test for the "pragma propagating into requir...
2009-05-17 Vincent PitGet rid of t/90-boilerplate.t
2009-05-17 Vincent PitLower the ptable initial size
2009-05-15 Vincent Pit5.9.5 fix
2009-05-07 Vincent PitAlso pass the file and the line number to the hook
2009-05-07 Vincent PitPass copies as hook arguments