descriptionA collection of private helpers for Perl test scripts.
ownerVincent Pit
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2019-07-08 Vincent PitBump copyright year master
2019-07-08 Vincent PitUpdate contact info
2017-11-04 Father ChrysostomosHandle CVs in stash properly
2016-07-12 Vincent PitImplement run_perl_file()
2016-07-12 Vincent PitWork around test failures on darwin
2015-07-20 Vincent PitHarden spawned threads against stray exit
2015-07-01 Vincent PitAdd 'select' to the documentation of the 'usleep' feature
2015-04-20 Vincent PitMake sure the sleep() fallback implementation sleeps...
2015-04-20 Vincent PitAdd prototypes to fallback usleep() implementations
2015-04-20 Vincent PitAdd a select()-based usleep() implementation
2015-04-20 Vincent PitIn t/50-usleep.t, increase the sleep time
2015-04-20 Vincent PitCorrect return value for the sleep() fallback implement...
2015-04-20 Vincent PitMore flexible selection of usleep() implementations
2015-04-14 Vincent PitAlso disable the capture feature on OS/2
2015-04-14 Vincent PitWork around old IPC::Open3 reporting exceptions on...
2015-04-14 Vincent PitStop forcefully loading Test::Leaner for the threads...
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