2019-07-08 Vincent PitBump copyright year master
2019-07-08 Vincent PitUpdate contact info
2017-11-04 Father ChrysostomosHandle CVs in stash properly
2016-07-12 Vincent PitImplement run_perl_file()
2016-07-12 Vincent PitWork around test failures on darwin
2015-07-20 Vincent PitHarden spawned threads against stray exit
2015-07-01 Vincent PitAdd 'select' to the documentation of the 'usleep' feature
2015-04-20 Vincent PitMake sure the sleep() fallback implementation sleeps...
2015-04-20 Vincent PitAdd prototypes to fallback usleep() implementations
2015-04-20 Vincent PitAdd a select()-based usleep() implementation
2015-04-20 Vincent PitIn t/50-usleep.t, increase the sleep time
2015-04-20 Vincent PitCorrect return value for the sleep() fallback implement...
2015-04-20 Vincent PitMore flexible selection of usleep() implementations
2015-04-14 Vincent PitAlso disable the capture feature on OS/2
2015-04-14 Vincent PitWork around old IPC::Open3 reporting exceptions on...
2015-04-14 Vincent PitStop forcefully loading Test::Leaner for the threads...
2015-04-14 Vincent PitBe more precise when Test::Leaner/Test::More were loade...
2015-04-14 Vincent PitMake the threads feature evaluate the thread safe var...
2015-04-09 Vincent PitAdd CAPTURE_FAILED() and CAPTURE_PERL_FAILED()
2015-04-09 Vincent PitFactor the prefix cleaning logic in a new sanitize_pref...
2015-04-09 Vincent PitMake fallback usleep() really take microseconds
2015-04-09 Vincent PitAdd minimal POD
2015-04-09 Vincent PitTurn run_perl() into a feature
2015-04-09 Vincent PitImplement capture_perl()
2015-04-09 Vincent PitIntroduce fresh_perl_env() and make run_perl() use it
2015-04-09 Vincent PitAdd capture feature
2015-03-24 Vincent PitForbid double quotes in code run by run_perl()
2015-03-24 Vincent PitMake run_perl() return undef if $Config{perlpath} is...
2015-03-23 Vincent PitFallback to $Config{perlpath} if $^X is not good enough
2015-03-19 Vincent PitUse 'this perl is not thread safe' as the first skip...
2015-03-19 Vincent PitCroak if the threads feature is enabled after Test...
2015-03-19 Vincent PitAdd threads feature
2015-03-19 Vincent PitAdd usleep feature
2015-03-19 Vincent PitAdd optional features support
2015-03-19 Vincent PitFactor the exporting logic into a new export_to_pkg...
2015-03-11 Vincent PitUnlink the temporary file when we are done
2015-03-11 Vincent PitAlways preserve $ENV{$Config{ldlibpthname}}
2015-03-11 Vincent PitTest run_perl() preserving ENV vars
2014-09-01 Brian FraserSave LD_LIBRARY_PATH for Android on t/51-threads-teardown.t
2014-09-01 Vincent PitAdd run_perl()
2013-01-30 Vincent PitAdd some tests
2013-01-30 Vincent PitRename load_or_skip to load_or_skip_all, and implement...
2013-01-30 Vincent PitAdd some spacing
2012-09-07 Vincent PitMake sure $test_sub returns a code reference
2012-09-07 Vincent PitMake diag() and skip_all() use Test::Leaner if it is...
2012-09-07 Vincent PitClean leftovers in %INC when the module could not be...
2012-09-07 Vincent PitInitial commit