2015-11-21 Vincent PitMake sure local_context() runs the code only when the... master
2015-11-20 Vincent PitStrip ANSI sequences from hostnames
2015-11-20 Vincent PitUse the correct IRC lowercase whereever needed
2015-11-20 Vincent PitAlso undef %fetched when is unloaded
2015-11-20 Vincent PitFix callback argument passing in Xchat::XPI::Events
2015-11-20 Vincent PitBetter phrasing for the delayed clone announce
2015-11-20 Vincent PitFor AID/AGHOST, skip contextes not found
2015-11-20 Vincent PitFactor the GUI commands into a new utility function
2015-11-20 Vincent PitPretend that the xchat functions in XPI are called...
2015-11-20 Vincent PitAdd better context handling helpers
2015-11-20 Vincent PitFreshen the default banner
2015-11-20 Vincent PitFix loading with recentish Xchat/HexChat
2012-04-29 Vincent PitNo trailing whitespace
2012-03-10 Vincent PitA cleaner idiom for "get the list of connected servers"
2012-03-10 Vincent PitRestyle
2012-03-10 Vincent PitRestyle
2012-03-10 Vincent PitFix Xchat::XPI::Events::{delay,filter} not passing...
2012-03-10 Vincent PitXchat::XPI::Events does not need to load Xchat::XPI...
2012-03-10 Vincent PitRestyle Xchat::XPI::Events
2012-03-10 Vincent PitRestyle Xchat::XPI::Utils
2012-03-10 Vincent PitImprove regexp validation in Xchat::XPI::Net::whois()
2012-03-10 Vincent PitRestyle Xchat::XPI::Net
2012-03-10 Vincent PitXchat::XPI has not been exporting anything for a long...
2012-03-10 Vincent PitSwitch to qw<>
2012-03-10 Vincent PitXchat::XPI->new options handling overhaul
2012-03-10 Vincent PitPropagate compilation errors for autogenerated accessors
2010-08-15 Vincent PitDon't use closures in Xchat::XPI::Events
2010-08-14 Vincent PitStyle nits
2010-08-14 Vincent PitStop adding wrong clones when there was a nick change...
2010-08-14 Vincent PitTweak host()
2010-03-23 Vincent PitComplete the highlight list
2010-03-23 Vincent PitDon't create a plugin object for modules
2010-03-23 Vincent PitFix generation of accessors in Xchat::XPI
2009-09-02 Vincent PitCleanups in Xchat::XPI
2009-09-02 Vincent PitAutogenerate accessors
2009-07-30 Vincent PitJust say no to indirect object notation
2009-07-30 Vincent PitBump version
2009-07-30 Vincent PitAdd an ignore highlight filter
2009-07-30 Vincent PitRename %words to %hl
2009-07-30 Vincent PitComplete the list of highlighted modules
2008-11-30 Vincent PitHGREP should match regardless of the case
2008-11-13 Vincent PitImplement HGREP
2008-10-11 Vincent PitSanitize
2008-09-11 Vincent PitInitial import