descriptionMiscellanous Perl scripts for X-Chat.
ownerVincent Pit
last changeSat, 21 Nov 2015 14:21:32 +0000 (12:21 -0200)
2015-11-21 Vincent PitMake sure local_context() runs the code only when the... master
2015-11-20 Vincent PitStrip ANSI sequences from hostnames
2015-11-20 Vincent PitUse the correct IRC lowercase whereever needed
2015-11-20 Vincent PitAlso undef %fetched when is unloaded
2015-11-20 Vincent PitFix callback argument passing in Xchat::XPI::Events
2015-11-20 Vincent PitBetter phrasing for the delayed clone announce
2015-11-20 Vincent PitFor AID/AGHOST, skip contextes not found
2015-11-20 Vincent PitFactor the GUI commands into a new utility function
2015-11-20 Vincent PitPretend that the xchat functions in XPI are called...
2015-11-20 Vincent PitAdd better context handling helpers
2015-11-20 Vincent PitFreshen the default banner
2015-11-20 Vincent PitFix loading with recentish Xchat/HexChat
2012-04-29 Vincent PitNo trailing whitespace
2012-03-10 Vincent PitA cleaner idiom for "get the list of connected servers"
2012-03-10 Vincent PitRestyle
2012-03-10 Vincent PitRestyle
5 years ago master