2008-10-04 Vincent PitTest 'package A; sub foo; foo A->new' that gets deparse...
2008-10-02 Vincent PitBetter be on
2008-10-02 Vincent PitTest 'no indirect "hlagh"'
2008-10-02 Vincent PitPreferring to say 'to say'
2008-10-02 Vincent PitDiscrepancy @args/@opts
2008-10-02 Vincent PitThis is 0.05 v0.05
2008-09-29 Vincent PitBe proud about not using a source filter
2008-09-21 Vincent PitGet rid of an unused variable
2008-09-01 Vincent PitTest quotelike environments
2008-08-31 Vincent PitNow the old check function is always called before...
2008-08-30 Vincent PitThis is 0.04 v0.04
2008-08-30 Vincent PitAdd a link to the coverage report
2008-08-30 Vincent PitTest method call inside method call
2008-08-30 Vincent PitCall the previous check function earlier when possible
2008-08-30 Vincent PitRemove all the kid op tags from the map when we're...
2008-08-30 Vincent PitNo longer fork to test. IPC::Cmd is no longer required
2008-08-28 Vincent PitBetter logic for finding oo and om in ck_entersub
2008-08-12 Vincent PitThis is 0.03 v0.03
2008-08-12 Vincent PitAdd undef guards to $stderr in tests
2008-08-12 Vincent PitAdd PERL5OPT to the flags passed to the forked perls
2008-08-11 Vincent PitActually exit when the child didn't succeed
2008-08-11 Vincent PitThis is 0.02 v0.02
2008-08-11 Vincent PitMake the hint a IV
2008-08-11 Vincent PitForce UOK flag onto op->src values
2008-08-11 Vincent PitRemove the possibly miscompiled syntax ((hints == 2...
2008-08-11 Vincent PitSkip when we couldn't capture buffers
2008-08-11 Vincent PitPrefer SvPV_*_const functions
2008-08-11 Vincent PitCommenting
2008-08-11 Vincent PitConsting
2008-08-11 Vincent PitShow more information when we couldn't run the tests...
2008-08-11 Vincent PitIn ck_entersub, only try to recover the method name...
2008-08-11 Vincent PitJust test the order. This should be enough with our...
2008-08-10 Vincent PitImporting indirect-0.01.tar.gz v0.01