2015-12-21 Vincent PitThis is 0.12 master v0.12
2015-12-21 Vincent PitUse XSH_LOCAL_* wherever possible
2015-12-21 Vincent PitTweak Makefile.PL a bit
2015-12-21 Vincent PitProtect against d_cplusplus perls
2015-12-21 Vincent PitUpdate XS helpers to ae9dac2a
2015-11-05 Vincent PitThis is 0.11 v0.11
2015-11-04 Vincent PitBump copyright year
2015-11-04 Vincent PitA few more declarations adjustments
2015-11-04 Vincent PitInitialize all re::engine::Plugin members explicitely
2015-11-04 Vincent PitUse more efficient stack manipulation macros
2015-11-04 Vincent PitGet rid of smart matches
2015-11-04 Vincent PitEnable free callbcks
2015-11-04 Vincent PitStop leaking the underlying re::engine::Plugin object
2015-11-04 Vincent PitStop leaking the stash
2015-11-04 Vincent PitRevamp helpers variable declarations
2015-11-04 Vincent PitReuse the package name macro wherever possible
2015-11-04 Vincent PitExplicitely state how many values are returned from...
2015-11-04 Vincent PitReformat some comments
2015-11-04 Vincent PitWhitespace harmonization
2015-11-04 Vincent PitRemove one extra STATIC
2015-11-04 Vincent PitReinstate Ævar as a full-fledged author
2015-11-04 Vincent PitThe Big Boilerplate Factorization
2014-10-02 Vincent PitThis is 0.10 v0.10
2014-10-01 Vincent PitBump copyright year
2014-10-01 Vincent PitTeach the regexp engine about the new entries in the API
2014-10-01 Vincent PitUse REP_HAS_PERL() whenever possible
2014-10-01 Vincent PitInline Plugin.h inside Plugin.xs
2014-10-01 Vincent PitTeach t/50-num_buff/*.t about perl 5.17.4 and newer rt92118
2014-10-01 Vincent PitIgnore MYMETA.json
2014-10-01 Vincent PitSilence an experimental warning by getting rid of a...
2014-10-01 Vincent PitDon't cleanup thread local storage before END blocks...
2013-08-24 Vincent PitMake Perl version numbers more readable
2013-08-24 Vincent PitQuote "$]" to work around a bug in old perls
2013-08-24 Vincent PitReplace uses of "$^V" by "$]"
2013-08-23 Vincent PitSort MANIFEST
2013-08-23 Vincent PitRemove trailing whitespace
2013-08-22 Vincent PitQuote version numbers in Makefile.PL
2013-08-22 Vincent PitEncode the README file in UTF-8
2013-08-20 Vincent PitStop bundling author tests
2013-08-07 Vincent PitUpdate the bug tracker URL in META after the rt.perl...
2013-08-07 Vincent PitDon't disable dynamic_config
2013-08-06 Vincent PitGet rid of t/99-kwalitee.t
2011-04-05 Vincent PitThis is 0.09 v0.09
2011-04-05 Vincent PitRemove an useless dMY_CXT
2011-04-05 Vincent PitAdd a missing prototype for Plugin_dupe()
2011-04-04 Vincent PitPOD nits
2011-04-04 Vincent PitTest thread safety
2011-04-04 Vincent PitUse the new CLONE_PARAMS API with perl 5.13.2
2011-04-04 Vincent PitSilence a bogus "Useless use of smart match in void...
2011-04-04 Vincent PitAdd a "DEPENDENCIES" section to the POD
2011-04-04 Vincent PitSwitch to qw<>
2011-04-04 Vincent PitOnly declare dMY_CXT when really needed
2011-04-04 Vincent PitIdentify the require scope by the outmost cv outside...
2011-02-04 Vincent PitSvREFCNT_{inc,dec} overhaul, fixing a couple of leaks
2011-02-04 Vincent PitDon't increment the refcount of the STORE callback...
2011-02-04 Vincent PitRevamp mod()
2011-02-04 Vincent PitDon't mix declarations and code
2011-01-06 Vincent PitGet rid of ENTERn/LEAVEn
2011-01-06 Vincent PitUpdate ptable.h
2011-01-06 Vincent PitTabs vs spaces
2011-01-06 Vincent PitFix the thread destructor trick for 5.13.1
2011-01-06 Vincent PitSilence a deprecation warning in recent perls
2011-01-06 Vincent PitBump copyright year
2011-01-06 Vincent PitUse cop_hints_fetch_pvn() whenever possible rt66996
2011-01-06 Vincent PitIgnore MYMETA.yml
2010-04-15 Vincent PitBump copyright year
2010-04-15 Vincent Pit{ENTER,LEAVE}_with_name are no longer needed starting...
2009-12-29 Vincent PitUpdate ptable.h
2009-12-29 Vincent PitReally cleanup at thread destruction
2009-10-04 Vincent PitRe-indent WriteMakefile() arguments
2009-10-04 Vincent PitAdd strict and warnings to Makefile.PL
2009-10-04 Vincent PitBuild the $name from $dist
2009-10-04 Vincent PitPut prerequisites in their own separate hash
2009-10-04 Vincent PitGive an explicit value to dynamic_config
2009-09-30 Vincent PitOnly look up to the first require scope for the require...
2009-09-26 Vincent PitKwalitee test overhaul
2009-08-29 Vincent PitThis is 0.08 v0.08
2009-08-29 Vincent PitRequire 5.10
2009-08-29 Vincent PitAdd the version to the POD
2009-08-29 Vincent PitAdd author tests
2009-08-29 Vincent PitCorrect @INC in usage tests
2009-08-29 Vincent PitOrder the test subdirectories
2009-08-29 Vincent PitPut all tests into a subdirectory
2009-08-29 Vincent PitIntroduce ->callbacks to specify the 'exec' callback...
2009-08-29 Vincent PitFix the refcount of the num_capture_buff_* callbacks...
2009-08-29 Vincent PitFall back to the default behaviour when the re::engine...
2009-08-29 Vincent PitCorrectly free the re::engine::Plugin private object
2009-08-29 Vincent PitStore the exec callback into the private object
2009-08-28 Vincent PitNo automatic context
2009-08-28 Vincent PitPort to ptable-based thread-safe hints
2009-08-27 Vincent PitLoad the XS code at BEGIN time
2009-08-24 Vincent PitAdd missing README to MANIFEST
2009-08-23 Vincent PitThis is 0.07 v0.07
2009-08-23 Vincent PitUpdate the version requirement in Makefile.PL
2009-08-23 Vincent PitUpdate the AUTHORS section
2009-08-23 Vincent PitClean the MANIFEST
2009-08-23 Vincent PitResurrect the old Changes file
2009-08-23 Vincent PitSilence a const warning
2009-08-23 Vincent PitFix building with blead
2009-08-22 Vincent PitStarting from 5.10.1, the 'undef' test is only run...