2017-11-04 Vincent PitUpdate VPIT::TestHelpers to 15e8aee3 master
2013-08-24 Vincent PitSwitch qw delimiters to <>
2013-08-24 Vincent PitExplicitely state that C++ compilers aren't supported
2013-08-24 Vincent PitRemove obsolete kwalitee workarounds
2013-08-23 Vincent PitPOD verbatim paragraphs should fit into a terminal
2013-08-23 Vincent PitMake sure the POD headings are linkable
2013-08-22 Vincent PitReplace check functions in a thread-safe way
2013-08-22 Vincent PitQuote version numbers in Makefile.PL
2013-08-22 Vincent PitEncode the README file in UTF-8
2013-08-20 Vincent PitStop bundling author tests
2013-08-07 Vincent PitRemove lvalue uses of GvCV()
2013-08-07 Vincent PitUpdate author tests
2013-08-07 Vincent PitSort MANIFEST
2013-08-07 Vincent PitIgnore MYMETA files
2013-08-07 Vincent PitUpdate the bug tracker URL in META after the rt.perl...
2013-08-06 Vincent PitGet rid of t/99-kwalitee.t
2010-04-23 Vincent PitFactor the string duplication logic into a new so_strndup
2010-04-23 Vincent PitRevamp documentation
2010-04-23 Vincent PitRename the "check" member to "call"
2010-04-22 Vincent PitSplit the "custom op" part away
2010-04-22 Vincent PitAdd preliminary support for hooking reference constructors
2010-04-20 Vincent PitAdd support for prototypes
2010-04-20 Vincent PitWhen cloning a config, eallocate one char more for...
2010-04-20 Vincent PitTest if the name member is not NULL before cloning it
2010-04-19 Vincent PitStore the configure object into the map
2010-04-19 Vincent PitAdd a "flags" parameter to sub_op_register()
2010-04-19 Vincent PitAdd sub_op_init(), sub_op_dup() and sub_op_free() to...
2010-04-19 Vincent PitB::Deparse is also a build_requires (even if it's not...
2010-04-14 Vincent PitGreatly simplify the calling logic in Sub::Op::LexicalSub
2010-04-14 Vincent PitTest storing the reference to a keyword
2010-01-08 Vincent PitThis is 0.02 v0.02
2010-01-08 Vincent PitDocument the caveat about eval STRING
2010-01-08 Vincent PitTest and document caveats about defining a sub whose...
2010-01-08 Vincent PitTest that the existing sub is called after ending the...
2010-01-07 Vincent PitRename the "len" member of the sub_op_config_t struct...
2010-01-07 Vincent PitBump Variable::Magic dependency to 0.40
2010-01-04 Vincent PitHandle existing constant subs
2010-01-04 Vincent PitWe should fail two times for each test sub not invoked
2010-01-04 Vincent PitTest that subs aren't stubbed
2010-01-04 Vincent PitFix passing shell quoted arguments to Sub::Op::LexicalS...
2010-01-04 Vincent PitRemove unused variables
2010-01-03 Vincent PitPoint to B::Hooks::XSUB::CallAsOp
2010-01-03 Vincent PitVivify less packages and symbols in B:: land
2010-01-03 Vincent PitTest monkeypatching
2010-01-03 Vincent PitProperly chomp the testcases
2010-01-03 Vincent PitHandle existing prototyped subs
2010-01-02 Vincent PitThis is 0.01 v0.01
2010-01-02 Vincent PitAdd a deparse test
2010-01-02 Vincent PitDon't downgrade the globs completely
2010-01-02 Vincent PitWe don't need $fqn in enable()/disable()
2010-01-02 Vincent PitFix deparsing of sub deref
2010-01-02 Vincent PitRename Sub::Op::Test to Sub::Op::LexicalSub
2010-01-02 Vincent PitMore docs
2010-01-02 Vincent PitDon't test POD coverage for
2010-01-02 Vincent PitAdd author tests
2010-01-02 Vincent PitTest replacing an existing sub
2010-01-02 Vincent PitRename sub_op_keyword to sub_op_config_t
2010-01-02 Vincent PitReplace the "sub_op_" prefix by "so_" for private types...
2010-01-02 Vincent Pitlinklist() doesn't seem to do any good
2010-01-02 Vincent Pitnext_pkg and next_name are now obsolete
2010-01-02 Vincent PitStore the custom op name in a pointer table
2010-01-01 Vincent PitStop passing the package and the name from the magical...
2010-01-01 Vincent PitMake two subs available in the sample script
2010-01-01 Vincent PitThe global context isn't needed before we check the...
2010-01-01 Vincent PitAdd support for the check hook and test multiple keywords
2010-01-01 Vincent PitAdd a sample shortcut to Sub::Op::Test
2010-01-01 Vincent PitAdd META.yml
2010-01-01 Vincent PitDon't croak if Sub::Op::Test's Makefile.PL couldn't...
2010-01-01 Vincent PitA minimial documentation
2010-01-01 Vincent PitInitial commit