2017-11-04 Vincent PitUpdate VPIT::TestHelpers to 15e8aee3 master
2013-08-24 Vincent PitThis is 1.05 v1.05
2013-08-24 Vincent PitBump copyright year
2013-08-24 Vincent PitRemove obsolete kwalitee workarounds
2013-08-24 Vincent PitPut each POD sentence on its own line
2013-08-23 Vincent PitRemove more trailing whitespace
2013-08-23 Vincent PitNo tabs please
2013-08-23 Vincent PitPOD verbatim paragraphs should fit into a terminal
2013-08-23 Vincent PitMake sure the POD headings are linkable
2013-08-23 Vincent PitRemove trailing whitespace
2013-08-22 Vincent PitQuote version numbers in Makefile.PL
2013-08-20 Vincent PitStop bundling author tests
2013-08-07 Vincent PitUpdate author tests
2013-08-07 Vincent PitSort MANIFEST
2013-08-07 Vincent PitUpdate the bug tracker URL in META after the rt.perl...
2013-08-06 Vincent PitGet rid of t/99-kwalitee.t
2011-08-25 Vincent PitThis is 1.04 v1.04
2011-08-25 Vincent PitMinor style nits
2011-08-25 Vincent PitUse Scalar::Util::blessed() to check if our objects...
2011-08-25 Vincent PitEncode the README file in UTF-8
2011-08-25 Vincent PitAdd META.json
2011-08-25 Vincent PitIgnore MYMETA.{json,yml}
2011-08-25 Vincent PitSwitch to qw<>
2009-10-04 Vincent PitRe-indent WriteMakefile() arguments
2009-10-04 Vincent PitBuild the $name and the main $file from $dist
2009-10-04 Vincent PitPut prerequisites in their own separate hash
2009-10-04 Vincent PitGive an explicit value to dynamic_config
2009-09-26 Vincent PitKwalitee test overhaul
2009-07-06 Vincent PitGet rid of t/90-boilerplate.t
2009-04-22 Vincent PitSlashes are reserved and hence must be encoded in the...
2009-04-16 Vincent PitPoint the repository to the gitweb instead of the bare...
2009-02-26 Vincent PitThis is 1.03 v1.03
2009-02-26 Vincent PitBump copyright year
2009-02-26 Vincent PitCleaner items for POD lists
2009-02-26 Vincent PitAllow translating glob and sql jokers at the same time
2009-02-26 Vincent Pit->capture also returns the object
2009-02-26 Vincent PitCleanup ->_validate
2009-02-26 Vincent PitBe less chatty for handling the type in ->convert
2009-02-26 Vincent Pit->do also returns the object
2009-02-26 Vincent PitMore linefeeds make the POD clearer
2009-02-26 Vincent PitFix passing $^O to ->type
2009-02-07 Vincent PitUse recent ExtUtils::MakeMaker features to generate...
2008-12-27 Vincent PitWe no longer need Exporter
2008-10-20 Vincent PitSee also Text::Glob
2008-10-02 Vincent PitBetter be on
2008-08-23 Vincent PitThis is 1.02 v1.02
2008-08-19 Vincent PitAdd a 'anchors' metacharacter class
2008-08-19 Vincent PitThis is 1.01 v1.01
2008-08-19 Vincent PitAdd intermediate newlines tests
2008-08-18 Vincent PitEnable others transformations after SQL
2008-08-18 Vincent PitPOD beautifications
2008-08-18 Vincent PitThis is 1.00 v1.00
2008-08-18 Vincent PitIgnore Debian_CPANTS.txt
2008-08-18 Vincent PitUpdated doc
2008-08-18 Vincent PitMajor rewrite
2008-07-05 Vincent PitUpdate .gitignore maint-0
2008-07-04 Vincent PitRemove old tests that were wrongly imported
2008-06-29 Vincent Pit'make clean' should remove coverage files
2008-06-29 Vincent PitImporting Regexp-Wildcards-0.08.tar.gz v0.08
2008-06-29 Vincent PitImporting Regexp-Wildcards-0.07.tar.gz v0.07
2008-06-29 Vincent PitImporting Regexp-Wildcards-0.06.tar.gz v0.06
2008-06-29 Vincent PitImporting Regexp-Wildcards-0.05.tar.gz v0.05
2008-06-29 Vincent PitImporting Regexp-Wildcards-0.04.tar.gz v0.04
2008-06-29 Vincent PitImporting Regexp-Wildcards-0.03.tar.gz v0.03
2008-06-29 Vincent PitImporting Regexp-Wildcards-0.02.tar.gz v0.02
2008-06-29 Vincent PitImporting Regexp-Wildcards-0.01.tar.gz v0.01