Update VPIT::TestHelpers to 15e8aee3
[perl/modules/rgit.git] / Makefile.PL
2013-08-22 Vincent PitQuote version numbers in Makefile.PL
2013-08-22 Vincent PitEncode the README file in UTF-8
2013-08-07 Vincent PitUpdate the bug tracker URL in META after the rt.perl...
2010-02-24 Vincent PitLess namespace pollution
2010-02-24 Vincent PitComplete build_requires
2010-02-22 Vincent PitDon't depend on Object::Tiny anymore
2009-10-04 Vincent PitRe-indent WriteMakefile() arguments
2009-10-04 Vincent PitBuild the $name from $dist
2009-10-04 Vincent PitPut prerequisites in their own separate hash
2009-10-04 Vincent PitGive an explicit value to dynamic_config
2009-08-16 Vincent Pitbase.pm is also a dependency
2009-04-22 Vincent PitSlashes are reserved and hence must be encoded in the...
2009-04-16 Vincent PitPoint the repository to the gitweb instead of the bare...
2009-02-07 Vincent PitUse recent ExtUtils::MakeMaker features to generate...
2008-10-09 Vincent PitConfig as a prereq bewilders installers
2008-10-08 Vincent PitRequire 5.8. Do not really want to support 5.6
2008-10-07 Vincent PitThis is 0.04 v0.04
2008-10-07 Vincent PitAdd a few command line switches. List::Util isn't requi...
2008-10-07 Vincent PitCheck the value returned by git correctly. POSIX is...
2008-10-05 Vincent PitImport rgit-0.01 v0.01