Partially revert 502e3aac.
[perl/modules/indirect.git] / t / 20-good.t
2013-05-16 Andrew MainPartially revert 502e3aac. rt83806 rt83839
2013-02-26 Vincent PitProperly set and check the line number of method and... rt83450
2011-07-17 Vincent PitReplace $] by "$]" in tests
2011-01-03 Vincent PitSwitch to qw<>
2010-08-16 Vincent PitYet more quotelike tests
2010-08-16 Vincent PitMore quotelike environments testing
2010-08-16 Vincent PitGet rid of the linestr check
2010-08-16 Vincent PitOnly check methods where the method name is a constant rt60378
2009-08-23 Vincent PitMake sure PERL_INDIRECT_PM_DISABLE is not set before...
2009-07-14 Vincent PitFreshen t/20-good.t
2009-07-14 Vincent PitRename try() to zap() as we'll need try() for something...
2009-07-14 Vincent PitHandle indirect calls on blocks
2009-07-08 Vincent PitFix "meth meth" not being correctly reported
2009-05-03 Vincent PitRename some test files