Make the op map thread safe
[perl/modules/indirect.git] / indirect.xs
2009-05-03 Vincent PitMake the op map thread safe
2009-05-02 Vincent PitIntroduce the I_THREADSAFE() constant
2009-05-02 Vincent PitMake the hint thread-safe and store a coderef called...
2009-05-02 Vincent PitDon't hardcode the package name as the hints key
2009-05-02 Vincent PitSwitch to a ptable-based OP map
2009-04-17 Vincent PitTighten the scope of pl_linestr in indirect_map_store()
2009-02-26 Vincent PitDon't even try to fetch the object if the method couldn...
2009-02-25 Vincent PitSomewhat improve the readability of indirect_ck_entersub()
2009-02-25 Vincent PitFix negation precedence
2009-02-12 Vincent PitSilence an "unused return value" warning
2009-02-12 Vincent PitConsting fix
2009-01-19 Vincent PitAdd a cast to make icc happy
2009-01-19 Vincent PitSilence a visibility warning
2009-01-19 Vincent PitFix a possible collisions by hashing pointers with...
2008-12-10 Vincent PitCleanup indirect_map_clean() recursion
2008-12-06 Vincent PitReally fix the "${\(new Hlagh)}" bug by ensuring that...
2008-12-05 Vincent PitSupport for perl 5.8
2008-10-19 Vincent PitFix a rare edge case for package whose names are prefix...
2008-10-19 Vincent PitBrr. Those strstr() really were fugly
2008-10-16 Vincent Pitpadmy names may begin with a non-alnum. I think
2008-10-16 Vincent PitSupport variables with spaces after the sigil
2008-10-15 Vincent PitTidy up the new code in ck_rv2sv
2008-10-15 Vincent PitHide a very unlikely failure from coverage
2008-10-15 Vincent PitEven if len is 0 in indirect_find(), it'll still return s
2008-10-15 Vincent PitAdd support and tests for package variables
2008-10-15 Vincent PitFix getting the name of a GV(SV) kid of RV2SV that...
2008-09-21 Vincent PitGet rid of an unused variable
2008-08-31 Vincent PitNow the old check function is always called before...
2008-08-30 Vincent PitCall the previous check function earlier when possible
2008-08-30 Vincent PitRemove all the kid op tags from the map when we're...
2008-08-28 Vincent PitBetter logic for finding oo and om in ck_entersub
2008-08-11 Vincent PitMake the hint a IV
2008-08-11 Vincent PitForce UOK flag onto op->src values
2008-08-11 Vincent PitRemove the possibly miscompiled syntax ((hints == 2...
2008-08-11 Vincent PitPrefer SvPV_*_const functions
2008-08-11 Vincent PitCommenting
2008-08-11 Vincent PitConsting
2008-08-11 Vincent PitIn ck_entersub, only try to recover the method name...
2008-08-11 Vincent PitJust test the order. This should be enough with our...
2008-08-10 Vincent PitImporting indirect-0.01.tar.gz v0.01