2017-11-04 Vincent PitThis is 0.62 master v0.62
2017-11-04 Vincent PitFix t/35-stash.t failures starting with 5.27.5 rt123314
2017-11-04 Vincent PitUpdate VPIT::TestHelpers to 15e8aee3
2017-01-24 Vincent PitThis is 0.61 v0.61
2017-01-24 Vincent PitBump copyright year
2016-12-07 Vincent PitReorder some code to make identical sections more apparent
2016-12-07 Vincent PitOnly enable careful self destruction on perl 5.25.3...
2016-12-07 Dave MitchellHandle self destruction manually rt115792
2016-12-07 Vincent PitTest that recasting happens only once
2016-09-06 Vincent PitThis is 0.60 v0.60
2016-09-06 Vincent PitSkip len magic test on negative indices on recent perls rt117081
2016-09-06 Vincent PitBump copyright year
2016-09-06 Vincent PitUpdate VPIT::XSHelpers to 18554226
2015-11-04 Vincent PitThe Big Boilerplate Factorization
2015-10-05 Vincent PitThis is 0.59 v0.59
2015-10-01 Vincent PitRemove a now obsolete workaround for context stack...
2015-10-01 Vincent PitExecute magic callbacks into separate stacks rt107294
2015-09-25 Vincent PitImprove support for custom ops
2015-09-25 Vincent PitCorrectly bless UTF-8 transliteration op objects
2015-09-25 Vincent PitRepresent nulled COPs as B::COP objects
2015-09-25 Vincent PitAdd support for ops of class UNOP_AUX
2015-07-31 Vincent PitRemove the code coverage link
2015-07-31 Vincent PitMake sure asserts are only checked on DEBUGGING builds
2015-07-21 Vincent PitThis is 0.58 v0.58
2015-07-21 Vincent PitRemove the done_testing() comment in t/09-load-threads.t
2015-07-21 Vincent PitSimplify the timeout logic in t/09-load-threads.t
2015-07-20 Vincent PitRemove an unused static variable
2015-07-20 Vincent PitWork around stray exits in t/09-load-threads.t
2015-07-20 Vincent PitWork around stray exits in t/40-threads.t and t/41...
2015-07-20 Vincent PitUpdate VPIT::TestHelpers to ba865c42
2015-07-20 Vincent PitAvoid global lookups in the magic callbacks in t/18...
2015-07-20 Vincent PitDelay destruction of reference return values till the...
2015-07-20 Vincent PitTest timely destruction of values returned from magic...
2015-07-20 Vincent PitUpdate VPIT::TestHelpers to 3ba261a5
2015-04-17 Vincent PitThis is 0.57 v0.57
2015-04-16 Vincent PitRename a variable in t/09-load-threads.t
2015-04-16 Vincent PitAlso test cloning in t/09-load-threads.t
2015-04-14 Vincent Pitvmg_teardown() should also be called at the end of...
2015-04-14 Vincent PitUpdate VPIT::TestHelpers to 6d578776
2015-04-14 Vincent PitMake sure t/40-threads.t does not use the CLONE method
2015-04-14 Vincent PitUpdate VPIT::TestHelpers to 3edc6d15
2015-04-14 Vincent PitAllow disabling thread safety in Makefile.PL
2015-04-14 Vincent PitMake sure the load refcount is reset on global setup
2015-04-14 Vincent PitDon't lock the VMG_LOADED mutex across global destruction
2015-04-09 Vincent PitUpdate VPIT::TestHelpers to f24eb57f
2015-04-08 Vincent PitReference-count global setup/teardown
2015-04-06 Vincent PitUpdate t/09-load-test.t
2015-03-31 Vincent PitMake sure MULTIPLICITY builds set PERL_IMPLICIT_CONTEXT
2015-03-31 Vincent PitAdd a missing volatile qualifier
2015-03-31 Vincent PitImprove scheduling for the parallel loading test
2015-03-30 Vincent PitRevamp the setup boot logic
2015-03-30 Vincent PitSet PERL_DESTRUCT_LEVEL through the environment variabl...
2015-03-30 Vincent PitAlways honor $ENV{PERL_DESTRUCT_LEVEL} when it's set...
2015-03-30 Vincent PitUse PERL_FORCE_TEST_THREADS to force testing global...
2015-03-30 Vincent PitRevamp PERL_DESTRUCT_LEVEL handling
2015-03-30 Vincent PitAllow passing level 0 to Variable::Magic::TestGlobalDes...
2015-03-28 Vincent PitPort thread tests to the new VPIT::TestHelpers interface
2015-03-28 Vincent PitThoroughly test module loading in threads
2015-03-28 Vincent PitUpdate VPIT::TestHelpers to 4eeb5afc
2015-03-24 Vincent PitUpdate the ActivePerl/gcc-3.4 hack for EUMM 7.04
2015-03-11 Vincent PitThis is 0.56 v0.56
2015-03-11 Vincent PitBump copyright year
2015-03-11 Vincent PitUpdate VPIT::TestHelpers to 3d200396
2015-03-11 Vincent PitAdd to BUILD_REQUIRES
2015-03-11 Vincent PitReplace STATIC by static
2015-03-11 Vincent PitSet the mg_flags inside vmg_sv_magicext() according...
2015-03-11 Vincent PitFactor the sv_magicext() calls into one vmg_sv_magicext()
2015-03-11 Vincent PitAdd a couple of missing SvREFCNT_dec() after sv_magicext()
2015-03-10 Vincent PitSimplify vmg_propagate_errsv_free() so that ERRSV is... rt101410
2015-03-10 Vincent PitSimplify vmg_pp_propagate_errsv() so that ERRSV is...
2015-03-10 Vincent PitSimplify vmg_call_sv() so that ERRSV is no longer used...
2015-03-10 Vincent PitCode cleanups in Variable::Magic::TestGlobalDestruction...
2015-03-10 Vincent PitMake Variable::Magic::TestGlobalDestruction::import...
2015-03-10 Vincent PitOutput a diagnostic if global destruction is not tested
2015-03-10 Vincent PitOnly test global destruction on perl 5.13.4+
2015-03-10 Vincent PitRemove taint mode from t/15-self.t
2015-03-10 Vincent PitBetter logic for deciding if this perl has DEBUGGING...
2014-10-20 Vincent PitThis is 0.55 v0.55
2014-10-20 Vincent PitRemove test dependencies list in POD
2014-10-20 Vincent PitAdd support for METHOP ops rt99319
2014-10-20 Vincent PitDon't hardcode the OPc_* values
2014-09-22 Vincent PitThis is 0.54 v0.54
2014-09-22 Vincent PitBump copyright year
2014-09-22 Vincent PitAdd support for copy magic on code prototype clone rt90205
2014-09-22 Vincent PitReally make t/35-stash.t pass on 5.21.4 rt98525
2014-09-01 Vincent PitUse run_perl() from VPIT::TestHelpers
2014-09-01 Vincent PitMake t/35-stash.t pass on 5.21.4
2013-09-01 Vincent PitThis is 0.53 v0.53
2013-09-01 Vincent PitBump copyright year
2013-08-24 Vincent PitMake Perl version numbers more readable
2013-08-24 Vincent PitRemove obsolete kwalitee workarounds
2013-08-23 Vincent PitNo tabs please
2013-08-20 Vincent PitStop bundling author tests
2013-08-06 Vincent PitGet rid of t/99-kwalitee.t
2013-06-23 Vincent PitUpdate the bug tracker URL in META after the rt.perl...
2013-06-23 Vincent PitTypo in POD rt86338
2013-01-30 Vincent PitUpdate VPIT::TestHelpers to e8344578
2012-11-05 Vincent PitThis is 0.52 v0.52
2012-11-05 Vincent PitAdd VMG_COMPAT_SCALAR_NOLEN rt80388
2012-11-05 Vincent PitMake t/35-stash.t pass with perl 5.17.4 and above