Update VPIT::TestHelpers to 15e8aee3
[perl/modules/LaTeX-TikZ.git] / lib /
2015-04-23 Vincent PitThis is 0.03 v0.03
2015-04-22 Vincent PitAlso document ->path alongside ->union
2015-04-22 Vincent PitFix typo in ->union documentation
2015-04-22 Vincent PitMake sure POD headings are linkable
2015-04-22 Vincent PitBump copyright year
2015-04-22 Vincent PitAlso define a default functor rule for the new Polyline
2015-04-22 Vincent PitDon't overwrite an ancestor functor rule
2015-04-22 Vincent PitReinstate the 'closed' parameter for Polyline
2015-04-22 Vincent PitAdd a backward compatible Tikz->path keyword
2015-04-22 Vincent PitJust use Mouse instead of Any::Moose
2013-08-23 Vincent PitRemove trailing whitespace
2013-08-06 Vincent PitFix the autocoercing code with recent versions of Moose
2013-08-06 Vincent PitRemove the user_constraint feature from the autocoercio...
2013-08-06 Vincent PitFactor the 'target' type constraint outside of L::T...
2013-08-06 Vincent PitRename LaTeX::TikZ::TypeConstraint::Autocoerce->parent...
2011-04-14 Vincent PitFlatten scopes at creation time
2011-04-14 Vincent PitMake LaTeX::TikZ::Scope objects immutable
2011-02-28 Vincent PitMissing word in POD
2011-02-12 Vincent PitAbstract the mod antiduplication logic in a new context...
2011-02-01 Vincent PitReimplement LT::Set::Polyline as a child class of LT...
2011-02-01 Vincent PitAllow fractional widths
2011-02-01 Vincent PitIntroduce LaTeX::TikZ::Mod::Scale
2011-02-01 Vincent PitGenerate the chain links only at path time
2011-02-01 Vincent PitIntroduce the ->begin and ->end path methods
2011-01-31 Vincent PitIntroduce LaTeX::TikZ::Set::Chain
2011-01-27 Vincent PitRename LT::Set::Mutable to ::Container
2011-01-27 Vincent PitMake LT::Set::Path the base role, remove ::Op, and...
2010-12-20 Vincent PitSwitch to qw<>
2010-12-06 Vincent PitDon't import anything from Carp into LaTeX::TikZ::Set...
2010-12-06 Vincent PitSanitize LaTeX::TikZ::Set::{layer,clip}
2010-11-26 Vincent PitSimplify the layer application logic
2010-10-27 Vincent PitFix drawing empty sequences
2010-10-25 Vincent PitComplete LaTeX::TikZ::Tools documentation
2010-10-25 Vincent PitFix ->content description of raw mods and sets
2010-10-16 Vincent PitPOD typo
2010-10-06 Vincent PitInsert rules after all their subrules and before all...
2010-10-05 Vincent PitBump Mouse dependency
2010-08-22 Vincent PitFix and test parent validation in LT::Meta::TC::Autocoerce
2010-08-22 Vincent PitLaTeX::TikZ::Tools::type_constraint shouldn't croak...
2010-08-15 Vincent PitRevamp a sentence in LT::Meta::TC::Autocoerce's description
2010-08-15 Vincent PitDocument the return value of LT::Functor::Rule::insert
2010-08-15 Vincent PitRemove some unused variables
2010-08-15 Vincent PitDon't undef the $rule in LT::Functor::Rule::insert
2010-08-15 Vincent PitPrevent some "uninitialized" warnings when pruning...
2010-08-15 Vincent PitRewrite functors description
2010-08-02 Vincent PitThis is 0.02 v0.02
2010-08-02 Vincent PitComplete doc for LT::Meta::TC::Autocoerce
2010-08-02 Vincent PitRequire the mapper attribute
2010-08-02 Vincent PitAllow returning undef from the autocoercion mapper
2010-08-02 Vincent PitDon't try to load the autocoercion package when calling...
2010-08-01 Vincent PitLocalize the die handler when requiring for autocoercion
2010-08-01 Vincent PitReplace LaTeX::TikZ::Set::Path::Elements by LaTeX:...
2010-08-01 Vincent PitRename LT::Mod->cover to ->covers
2010-08-01 Vincent PitBump the default space width of patterns to 10
2010-08-01 Vincent PitMore docs for LT::Functor/LT::Functor::Rule
2010-08-01 Vincent PitLT::Functor: compare sets with numeric equality
2010-08-01 Vincent PitLT::Functor: don't process the mods at all if the new...
2010-08-01 Vincent PitMove most of the functor logic into a new LT::Functor...
2010-08-01 Vincent PitMore typos in POD
2010-08-01 Vincent PitSmall doc clarification in LT::Functor
2010-08-01 Vincent PitIn LaTeX::TikZ::Functor, move ->default_rule after...
2010-08-01 Vincent PitFunctors overhaul
2010-08-01 Vincent PitDocument the Set/Set::Op roles
2010-08-01 Vincent PitFix cover for Mod::Pattern and Mod::Raw
2010-08-01 Vincent PitDocument the Mod role
2010-07-31 Vincent PitAllow passing a type constraint as the parent to LT...
2010-07-29 Vincent PitComplete the example for Formatter->render
2010-07-26 Vincent PitSilence a warnings with Moose 1.09
2010-07-23 Vincent PitTest handler definedness in LaTeX::TikZ::Functor
2010-07-23 Vincent PitMore docs for LaTeX::TikZ::Formatter
2010-07-23 Vincent PitFix typos in POD
2010-07-23 Vincent PitFix synopsis
2010-07-23 Vincent PitDocument the interface
2010-07-23 Vincent PitMore documentation boilerplate
2010-07-22 Vincent PitFirst cut at the documentation
2010-07-22 Vincent PitAlso set the width/height of a rectangle when both...
2010-07-22 Vincent PitInline LaTeX::TikZ::Set->mods_unique
2010-07-22 Vincent PitMake ->render return one body for each argument
2010-07-22 Vincent PitTest labeled points
2010-07-22 Vincent PitEnforce the non-negativity of some attributes with...
2010-07-22 Vincent PitComplete origin support in the formatter object
2010-07-22 Vincent PitAdd label and position support to Set::Point
2010-07-22 Vincent PitMake some accessors writable for the formatter object
2010-07-22 Vincent PitRemove magic LaTeX::TikZ::Interface->import
2010-07-22 Vincent PitIntroduce LaTeX::TikZ::Functor
2010-07-22 Vincent PitFix type constraint on Set::Op in Mod::Clip
2010-07-21 Vincent PitGlobally store layer objects as weak references
2010-07-21 Vincent PitOnly declare once each mod, tag-wise
2010-07-21 Vincent PitComplete patterns implementation, interface and tests
2010-07-21 Vincent PitIntroduce LaTeX::TikZ::Set::Arrow
2010-07-21 Vincent PitReally allow coercing a string into a mod object
2010-07-21 Vincent PitAlways call ->assert_valid after ->coerce
2010-07-21 Vincent PitIntroduce LaTeX::TikZ::Set::Arc
2010-07-21 Vincent PitMake Set::Point delegates ->x and ->y to the underlying...
2010-07-21 Vincent PitAllow a bare Tikz->point for 0
2010-07-21 Vincent PitIntroduce LaTeX::TikZ::Set::Polyline
2010-07-21 Vincent PitFix Rectangle constructor arguments
2010-07-21 Vincent PitKids of Set::{Circle,Line,Rectangle} should be Set...
2010-07-21 Vincent PitCoerce Points into Set::Points
2010-07-21 Vincent PitMake the formatter autocoerce the origin